Project 365

364 to go

One photo a day, posted here everyday.

Never thought I'd do this, but here I am. And I was actually the one with the brilliant idea of starting this project, so now I really can't give up.

So, I'm a former teacher who decided teaching wasn't really her thing. Dropped everything behind me for a new beginning. Started cooking more often, sleeping fewer hours and having way too much time to think. Bought myself my boyfriend's old camera and started doing something I wanted to do for quite a long time. Photography. After a lot of therapy sessions I decided I shouldn't let my feelings of insecurity and disbelief take over myself. Took a basic photography course and realized it was actually the beginning of a new era in my life. It's not that I intend to become a professional photographer (i actually don't know yet), I just want to learn to see things differently and understand the world around me looking at it from a complete different perspective. To get to where I am today, believe me, I had to walk a very long path. I'm lucky I have a certain someone to help me along my journeys.

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