a ride on the new hybrid bus in SP

So yesterday I was able to go for a ride on the new hybrid bus here in São Paulo. There's only one bus in SP for now and I ended up catching the bus twice in one day, how lucky am I? Pretty nice bus, big windows and air conditioning (rare here in Brazil), I couldn't even hear the traffic outside. I wish there were more of these around here.


A wedding to attend

So, last Saturday my boyfriend and I had a wedding to attend. It was Alessandra & Pedro's, our good friends. It was a really lovely afternoon wedding, outdoors and not as formal as all the weddings we normally see here in Brazil. I decided to wear a short dress, custom made by Dona Nancy, a very skilled seamstress. The dress looked great and the accessories were not difficult to match since I wanted a slightly vintage dress and I own some vintage accessories. My hair was the part that I liked most. I saw this hairdo somewhere on the internet (unfortunately I can't remember where)

and I took the photo to my hairdresser (Alex Sudati). He was able to reproduce it perfectly and I was very pleased with the final result.

Here's a photo of my hair, unfortunately at the end of the evening so a tiny bit messy, but I guess you can have an idea of how it looked.


We're getting closer and closer to our 30's

Feeling the weight of my 26 years of age.

The photo is of my best friend's birthday cake.


Have you ever been caught by design?

Interesting article on the importance of design for sales nowadays. In Portuguese.



Squared love

Uma animação sobre amor!

Squared Love from Aron-Egal Kogos on Vimeo.


Are you on facebook?

I am and Caisey Neistat also is and he questions facebook's privacy policy and what we are doing by accepting the terms and conditions of the social network website.

A Movie for Anyone On FaceBook from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

The big bang bloom

This stop motion was made by Blu so it is worth watching.

More from Blu


BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.



Who can teach me how to do this?


Project 365

364 to go

One photo a day, posted here everyday.

Never thought I'd do this, but here I am. And I was actually the one with the brilliant idea of starting this project, so now I really can't give up.

So, I'm a former teacher who decided teaching wasn't really her thing. Dropped everything behind me for a new beginning. Started cooking more often, sleeping fewer hours and having way too much time to think. Bought myself my boyfriend's old camera and started doing something I wanted to do for quite a long time. Photography. After a lot of therapy sessions I decided I shouldn't let my feelings of insecurity and disbelief take over myself. Took a basic photography course and realized it was actually the beginning of a new era in my life. It's not that I intend to become a professional photographer (i actually don't know yet), I just want to learn to see things differently and understand the world around me looking at it from a complete different perspective. To get to where I am today, believe me, I had to walk a very long path. I'm lucky I have a certain someone to help me along my journeys.

click the photo or here to check my flickr entry




It's been quite a while I don't see something as unique as this underground house design in Switzerland.

Check out the interior of the house here, it is also awesome.




In so many beautiful colors.

The first two designed by Danish AIAIAI were inspired by the old walkman headphones

And these ones designed by Scandinavian urbanears sure plead for individuality

I want one.

So, as no one really reads this, from now on I'm gonna be writing in English so I don't stop practicing.


Prá quem adora lomografia como eu...

Um pouquinho das minhas lomografias, straight from the hip