a ride on the new hybrid bus in SP

So yesterday I was able to go for a ride on the new hybrid bus here in São Paulo. There's only one bus in SP for now and I ended up catching the bus twice in one day, how lucky am I? Pretty nice bus, big windows and air conditioning (rare here in Brazil), I couldn't even hear the traffic outside. I wish there were more of these around here.


A wedding to attend

So, last Saturday my boyfriend and I had a wedding to attend. It was Alessandra & Pedro's, our good friends. It was a really lovely afternoon wedding, outdoors and not as formal as all the weddings we normally see here in Brazil. I decided to wear a short dress, custom made by Dona Nancy, a very skilled seamstress. The dress looked great and the accessories were not difficult to match since I wanted a slightly vintage dress and I own some vintage accessories. My hair was the part that I liked most. I saw this hairdo somewhere on the internet (unfortunately I can't remember where)

and I took the photo to my hairdresser (Alex Sudati). He was able to reproduce it perfectly and I was very pleased with the final result.

Here's a photo of my hair, unfortunately at the end of the evening so a tiny bit messy, but I guess you can have an idea of how it looked.